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Catseye™ Agent for SCADA    
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The Catseye™SPN design, which was reviewed by CygnaCom, provides additional security to web server applications that access private backend databases. It allows removal of the database responder logic to a more secure location behind a router and provides protection of that logic from external access and abuse.

The outbound-only connectivity it requires is consistent with accepted firewall configuration guidelines and superior to alternatives that require inbound access to the backend systems.

The custom responder interface presented to the external web server is designed to provide a significant additional barrier to compromise of the responder and abuse of the database access methods via the public network.

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The need of letting Service Technicians access Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, anytime, anywhere, has led the SCADA industry to look to harnessing the potential of the Internet. However, with the promise of Accessibility, the Internet also poses the threat of making a system vulnerable to unauthorized access and the prying eyes of Hackers. Eutech's Catseye™ Agent for SCADA can not only web enable a SCADA system, but do it more securely than conventional web technologies.

Catseye™ Agent for SCADA plugs in to existing SCADA systems. It not only annunciates Alarms over the Internet, it allows remote access to Point Data and Trend Data as well. Service Technicians can not only monitor the status of the system, but issue control commands as well.



Conventional web enabled SCADA systems require browser plug-ins. Catseye™ Agent for SCADA does not require any plug-ins or VPN Clients; it is completely HTML based. This means that Service Technicians can not only operate the SCADA systems using their personal computers, but use a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) as well.

The secureness of the Catseye™ Agent solution is achieved by a patent pending technology, which enables the Catseye™ Agent to connect to the Internet via a standard outgoing port. This means that unlike typical web publishing systems, network administrators need not open any incoming ports on the firewall. What's more, since the SCADA system is on a private LAN (hidden behind a router and firewall), it is totally invisible to Hackers.


With this breakthrough...

  • Facility Managers can outsource Servicing Activities.
  • SCADA systems can be accessed using a simple Browser - Service Organizations don't have to buy any specialized equipment.
  • No specialized hardware is required to enable remote access. If a Service Provider is changed, no retrofitting is required to provide remote access to the new Service Provider. Plant managers are hence not locked in to a single Service Provider.
  • Data can be accessed over a PDA. Even Mobile Service teams can have full access to the SCADA system and Service Organizations can serve a larger clientele without expanding their service teams.
  • When an expert opinion is required, the expert can be asked to simply log on to the Internet and access the problematic site and make recommendations.
  • Several people can view the system from different places, simultaneously. Service Organizations are thus able to collaborate to solve problems involving two or more subsystems.
  • There is no need to have a static IP address on the SCADA side- a normal ADSL connection that allocates addresses dynamically will do.